CSI Experts Network

CSI  Experts  Network unites seasoned and proven professionals to offer exceptional service and value to our clients.  Each adds a significant dimension to CSI's practice in Strategy, Diplomacy, Policy, and Advocacy and helps the client to achieve success in their endeavours.

We are delighted to welcome Mark Anielski, Bill Craig, Paul Frazer, Donna Kennedy-GlansDavid King, Phil Kirby and Hon. Allan H. Wachowich to our growing network. We are in discussions with more experts who have expressed an interest in joining a superb team of collaborators. We expect to have the full network emplaced by winter.

Mark Anielski

Mark_Anielski_Photo_2_20101Mark is an economist specializing in measuring the sustainable well-being of communities and organizations. He is the author of the best-selling book The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth, which was published in Canada/US in May of 2007 and in China in January 2010. In 2008 Alberta Venture magazine named him one of Alberta’s 50 most influential people. Mark wears many hats as an ecological economist, entrepreneur, professor of sustainable business and ethics (University of Alberta, School of Business), author and president of his family-owned consulting firm, Anielski Management Inc. He has pioneered the development of new tools for measuring the sustainability and well-being of communities, businesse and nations, including the Genuine Progress Indicators (GPI) and the Genuine Wealth well-being measurement system. He has advised governments and business around the world (China, US, Austria,Tahiti, The Netherlands and Canada) on measuring their genuine wealth. The Genuine Wealth model uses an integrated five-capital accounting framework to assess the sustainability of the financial, human, social, natural and built capital assets of any organization or society. To know more about Mark's work, click here

Bill Craig

Bill is deeply experienced in addressing complex challenges involving multiple jurisdictions and stakeholders. A specialist in public sector organisation and the design and delivery of programmes, Bill brings a rich and varied background in business strategy, government transformation, business architecture, business models, business rule management and business process management. Bill has worked with all levels of government in Canada; and internationally through various projects with CIDA (Ukraine), USAID (Armenia), and the World Bank (Moldova). He offers specific expertise in public sector business architecture and design; business models, strategy execution; innovation management and strategy; open government; and visual communications.  Bill is co-founder of Craig & Kumar Management Consulting.  To know more about Bill and his work, click here.

Paul Frazer

Paul built an exemplary career as a distinguished Canadian diplomat before using his talents to become an eminent advisor. Paul was Canada's ambassador to the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the aftermath of the cold war, and served as Minister Public Affairs in the Canadian Embassy in the U.S. in the formative years of free trade. Paul has expert and intimate knowledge of governance, policy, and culture in the United States. Paul's skills in Reconnaissance, Diplomacy, and Strategy are a most valuable component of the Cambridge Strategies network. In Washington, DC for almost 20 years Paul has been engaged in the issues central to Canada-U.S. relations. He has served corporate and government clients in sectors such as energy, trade and trade policy, natural resources, health care and financial services among others. To know about Paul’s work, click here

The Toronto Star has recently published Paul's article on how canadians will feel the squeeze of 'Buy America' once the new American Jobs Act is passed. Download the article here A_Buy_America_wake-up_call_for_Canada.pdf 362.57 Kb

Donna Kennedy-Glans

Donna-Kennedy-Glans1Donna is an accomplished guru in ethics and integrity. She brings a quarter century of practical experience in helping organisations and institutions to design and demonstrate integrity in all they do. The scope of her practice includes both Canadian and international ventures. Donna helps clients find significant value in moving beyond the requirements of regulatory compliance, to act with authenticity. Donna’s practice adds an essential dimension to Cambridge’s deep experience in helping enterprises earn social license from the public they serve. To know more on Donna’s work, click here

David King

David King is an experienced consutant on government and citizen issues. He is the President of Grassroots Democracy Incorporated, a consulting firm working with local governments' bodies and citizens. David has a myriad of experience in the public and private enterprises in Canada. Between 1971 and 1986, Mr. King was a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. During this period, he was Legislative Secretary to Premier Lougheed (1971 - '76), Minister of Education (1979 - '86), and Minister of Technology, Research and Telecommunications (1986). Mr. King also has experience in merchant banking and in social science research as Research Director for the Edmonton and District Council of Churches and as Research Assistant to the Leader of the Opposition in the Alberta Legislature. In 2010 Mr. King was recognized by the Alberta Teachers' Association and then by the Canadian Teachers' Federation as a Friend of Education. He is the first Executive Director of the Public School Boards' Association of Alberta (1990-2010). To know more about David's work, click here


Phil Kirby

Phil_KirbyPhil is a master at helping organizations turn problems into opportunities by adding value while eliminating waste. Phil is founder of Organization Thoughtware® International Inc., a performance improvement business based on a simple concept: if you change the thinking, the organization will change itself. He has written two books based on this philosophy. As a Lean productivity guru, he helped the Canadian Passport Office reach unprecedented levels of efficiency. He also enabled Tim Horton’s and Canadian Tire to serve more customers in less time. Phil’s Thoughtware® turns employees into Lean experts who can improve productivity and manage change. Phil’s talents are an integral part of the Cambridge Strategies Network. To know more on Phil’s work, click here


Allan H. Wachowich

WachowichAllan_web1Hon. Allan Wachowich will advise CSI clients on the juridical and legal dimensions of their endeavours. As Counsel to Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP, Mr. Wachowich enjoys access to a seasoned team of legal professionals specialised in financial services, energy, engineering, forest products, technology, transportation, health, and consumer products and services. Called to the Alberta Bar in 1959, Mr. Wachowich served Her Majesty as a judge from 1974 to 2010. Appointed as Associate Chief Justice from 1993 to 2000, he capped his career as Chief Justice of Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta from 2000 to 2010. To know more, click here




To explore how the CSI Expert Network can address your challenges, kindly contact CSI Founder and Principal Satya Brata Das: satya@cambridgestrategies.com or 780 420 0505. You are most welcome to drop by our office: suite 710, 10150-100 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J OP6