Satya discusses the Northern Gateway pipeline

Satya discussed the Northern Gateway pipeline in this 20-minute interview on Radio Canada's weekly public affairs show, Les Samedis du Monde.
The French language service of the CBC sought out Satya's perspective based on his book "Green Oil: Clean Energy for the 2ast Century?, and his reputation as a policy expert in designing economic development within the context of environmental stewardship.

Listen here.

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Satya Das on Alberta Primetime

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

While Canada’s Premiers discuss a national energy strategy in Halifax, Enbridge is polishing a tarnished image as it pushes its huge proposed pipeline from Alberta to British Columbia's west coast (the Northern Gateway Pipeline).

What are the impacts of Enbridge’s image problems for its proposed pipeline? For Albertans? For our energy? For the Canadian economy?

Satya Das and Debi Andrus, Marketing Professor at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary discuss this question on Alberta Primetime.

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Alberta Election 2012: What will Alberta Do with too much money?

Alberta politicians are still focused on the debt and deficits of a bygone age. Facing a future of multi-billion dollar surpluses from resource wealth, the real issue is what are we going to do with too much money? Read the article herepdfPolicy Brief 11 .pdf. Please use the following tab to leave a comment.

April 11, 2012

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Alberta Election 2012: Satya's Op-Ed in Toronto Star

April 3, 2012

A new angle in the April 23 election - Has the election campaign divided Alberta's Conservative forces? "The Prime Minister lent Redford his campaign bus. Yet many Harper staffers, strategists and advisers have come home from Ottawa to set up camp with Danielle Smith (like Ralph Klein, a Calgary journalist turned populist) and her Wildrose Alliance: a party founded with big cheques from a handful of anonymous Calgarians." Read the article in Toronto Star here pdfSatyas Op-Ed in Toronto Star on April 3 2012.pdf

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Alberta Election 2012: Albertans Demand Politics with Principle

March 28, 2012

Our firm's sounding of Albertans' values yields an overwhelming preference for Politics with Principle, Satya Brata Das writes in the third in a series of briefs leading to Alberta's April 23 election. Please find the article here pdfPolicy Brief 10.pdf You can comment using the following tab.

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Alberta Election 2012: Our Province's Health Begins in the Mirror

March 21, 2012

Public health care is a vital current in our civil society, and it's a big issue in the Alberta election campaign.The second of our special election policy briefs uses the results of our firm's mapping of Albertan values regarding health care, to illuminate a clear path forward. Please Read the article here Policy Brief Nine .pdf You can leave your feedback and thoughts using the 'Add a Comment' tab below.

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Alberta Election 2012: Playing our ACE for A Clean Energy Future

14 March, 2012

'Playing our ACE for A Clean Energy Future' is the first of the six policy briefs that Cambridge aims to develop to promote an engaging and meaningful conversation before the spring elections. Please read here pdfPolicy Brief No 8 

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Canada-India Free Trade: Opening Doors For Alberta

 28 February, 2012

Canada is developing Free Trade negotiation with India. Will this lead to a new opening for Alberta's goods and services as well? If yes, should we start the process of opening an Alberta office in India? Our province is well reprsented in north Asia but no offices in India. Will opening an Alberta chapter in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, lead to better results for the province? Read in our latest policy brief here. You can comment below and share among your networks.

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Satya on CBC

 13 February, 2012

Where to sell Alberta oil? What are the possibilities of taking Alberta's oil even further? Listen to Satya on Alberta's oil reaching a wider market on CBC Radio programme The Current here

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Satya at TEDx Calgary

Satya at TEDx Calgary on using Alberta's oil sands wealth to fund the planet's green future.

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