Does west Canada's prosperity depends on economic diversification ?

How important is economic diversification for west Canada's prosperity? Read Satya's analysis on this here. This research work is published by Canada West Foundations

Presentation at International Human Rights Conference

pdfVienna_Plus_15_Conference.pdf'Know Human Rights and Claim Human Rights'. This presentation was made by Satya at the '15 years Vienna World Conference on Human Rights'.

Oil Sands Survey - 2007

Albertans are clear on what they aspire in terms of oil-sands development. They know the resource is very important for their future prosperity and are very clear in wanting a green lens to trump economic growth. This project by Cambridge Strategies Inc. was aimed to understand the values that are most important for the Albertans regarding the development of their oil sands. It was done by using conjoint surveys and techniques. To read the report please click here pdfOil_Sands_Survey_Summary_Final_Report.pdf  

The Golden Quadrangle: Alberta's Emergence in National Leadership

 This discussion paper was produced by Cambridge Strategies in December 2001. It shows how the traditional Canadian 'Golden Triangle' comprising Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto is breaking to form a new 'Golden Quadrangle' due to Alberta's rise. Alberta is now the fourth point, at last bringing to national governance the perspectives of Canada's New West – the only part of the country where the majority population is of neither French nor British descent. The Quadrangle may finally enable "traditional" Canada to transcend its Anglo-French immigrant culture, and to embrace the energy of a new Canada crafted by the mingling of the entire world, discusses the paper. To read the full paper, please download here pdfThe_Golden_Quadrangle_discussion_paper.pdf



Green Oil: Clean Energy for the 21st Century?

What are the ways of paving into a green future - grow a Nano economy, the Bio economy and invest in high speed rail in Alberta? This presentation by Cambridge Principal Satya Das at the Institute of Public Administration in Canada (IPAC) on 17 November 2010, talks about some projects that could fund a green future in the democratic Petro-State of Canada. To read the entire presentation, please click the following